Lex Fefegha (b. 1994) is a designer, technologist, and artist whose goal is to create experiences, experiments and installations that explore pop culture, societal discourse, and emerging technology.

Lex was also formerly an associate lecturer at University of the Arts London’s Creative Computing Institute teaching a module on computational futures and AI


“AI: Who’s Looking After Me?”  - Science Gallery London, London, UK
“Art In Architecture”  -  Corner,  London, UK
“PowerShift” - Brampton Design District, London, UK
“The Weather Gallery” -  Cannes Lions,  Cannes, France

“The New Real Salon: Exploring the future of AI and the arts” -  Inspace, Edinburgh, UK

“Higher Resolution“ -  Tate Exchange, London, UK
Selected Talks, Panels and workshops

“Inconvenient Truths: AI, Equity & Healthcare” - Science Gallery London
“This Climate does not exist (yet)” - Scottish AI Summit
“Creating Artworks With Generative AI” - Roundhouse London

“The Great Black Hack” - UAL Tech for All Conference
“Tech Activism through Art” - Mozilla Festival 2021

“An introduction to artificial creativity” - D&AD New Blood Festival
“Privacy Not Included” - Cogx 2020

“Your difference is needed”  - Afrotech Fest 2019
“How does AI augment human relationships” - Higher Resolution  by Hyphen-Labs @ Tate Exchange
“The implications of intelligent authorship: AI as artist and AI as tool”  -  An[0]ther {AI} in Art at New Musuem
“Art+Techivist, Tate Britain: Social Justice”  - Tate Britain

“Algorithmic Bias in Machine Learning Systems” - Good Tech Conference
“Algorithms and the life of Brisha Borden” -  Designing a Feminist Alexa Seminar
“The Urgency For More Human Education in an AI Future” - CogX