Echelons of Dreamscapes

Echelons of Dreamscapes is an experimental film that delves into the subconscious terrain of an urban dreamer's mind. Using London's ever-changing cityscape as a backdrop, the film reimagines the everyday into a surreal narrative, sculpted with the assistance of Generative AI.

"Welcome" unveils the environment—a psyche infused with the energy of London's streets, reinterpreted as a dreamscape by the dreamer’s interpretive lens. It is a prologue to a personal journey set against the city's familiar yet distorted reality.

In "The Hustle and Bustle", we navigate the protagonist's inner turmoil and aspirations. As a black man in London, a pivotal business call symbolises the anxiety and the dichotomous outcome of success or failure, while also probing the familial dreams tethered to his ambition.

"The Chronicles of Jane" presents Jane as a symbol of resilience. Confronting the weight of stereotypes, her dance is her defiance—a ballet of liberation. Her abduction by an unseen UFO signifies the unrelenting grip of societal fears and expectations.
"The Portal" transports us deeper into the dreamer’s dreamscape. Here, the encounter with a sage singing "Love is the Answer" signifies the revelation that love, often absent, is the keystone of the dream's architecture. The wise man's transformation into the cosmos releases the dreamer from his chrysalis.

"Back to Earth" witnesses the metamorphosis of the dreamer into a butterfly—a transformation which embodies newfound love. Returning to the altered state of London, the dreamer brings back a changed perspective, infused with the essence of love.

Finally, "SuperNegro and Madam Negro" is the climax where empowerment takes flight. No longer bound by solitude or fear, the protagonist, alongside his counterpart, becomes part of a duo of superheroes—SuperNegro and Madam Negro. Love energises them to challenge the forces that once caused trepidation, symbolised by the UFOs.

Made By Lex Fefegha with support of Lilian Latinwo-Olajide
Voice Over & Edited by Tom Moutchi
Created with Midjourney, Runway & ChatGPT