Who is Big Lex?

I am co-founder + the head of design of a design studio in London called COMUZI.

Our mission is to use radical creativity and work with the best companies in the world to create positive human interactions with services people use everyday.

Artificial Creativity Experiments

Alongside my work at COMUZI, I am an artist currently exploring AI creative's potential via a number of experiments:

Hip Hop Poetry Bot

An AI experiment supported by Google Arts and Culture + Google AI.

We developed an algorithm trained on a dataset of hip hop, rap & rnb lyrics, and experimented with using this to generate poetic responses to everyday questions.

Find out more about the project.

Thames Path 2040

This project is an artistic experiment, forming part of the New Real Obeservatory platform created by The University of Edinburgh.

My experiment is attempting to visualise what Londoners might lose and what might remain in a future where heavy rainfall may lead to flooding on the Thames Path in 2040.

This is a project of importance as 17% of London is facing potential flooding in the near future!

Find out more about the project.